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John DeSimio


Mission Statement: Trade Winds Physical Therapy is a part of your community, and centrally located to provide the best outpatient therapy services to our friends, neighbors and community. 

Trade Winds Physical Therapy is owned by John T. DeSimio. John is very passionate about his Physical Therapy practice and offers quality services to all his patients. He wants you to know it is possible to get the best experience without having to leave Brenham and drive for hours out of town. With over 40 years of experience in his field, John is equipped as a business owner and Physical Therapist to back up his goals with expertise. Each patient and their family will be treated with compassion and commitment. 


“I believe in providing the best patient care possible. Combining patient needs with physician-prescribed care leads to a full recovery. My goal is to quickly and affordably return patients to doing what they love.” - John DeSimio

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