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Ride a wave of relaxation on our new Hydromassage table!

"The service I received was beyond my expectation."

"I was fortunate, unlike many patients, to not come in seeking service in result of serious injury or pain. I came, with what was to me, a serious quality of life issue. After a non-serious fall outside, I became aware that I was unable to get off the ground (or floor when in the house) without crawling over to the tree or some piece of furniture inside to get to my feet.

John worked with me diligently, and within four to six weeks I was strong enough to get up without assistance. He even provided me with a home program that I worked hard at (and still do), then transistioned me to the gym. With each piece of equipment, he provided instruction and observed me until he was confident that I was positioned correctly and using the equipment to my best advantage.

The atmosphere is welcoming and patients are met with a staff who are not only well trained, but also with very nice personailities, and that makes a difference.

​- Evelyn Mayo, Brenham Resident

our mission

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     Trade Winds is free of corporate quotas and productivity standards. This allows the clinic to provide each patient a comprehensive visit without time or reimbursement constraints.

Generally, patients are seen within 48 hours of the initial phone call. 

Cash rates & payment plans available

2106 S. Market St., Brenham, TX 77833    Phone: 979-421-8500    Fax: 979-421-8283   Email: john@tradewindspt.com


Trade Winds Physical Therapy, PLLC is a part of your community. We are centrally located to provide the best outpatient therapy services to our friends, neighbors and community. 

Hydrotherapy combines heat, flotation and massage to produce therapeutic & physiologic effects:

Each patient receives a personalized recovery plan based on the injury and goals. The clinic treats a wide range of needs from sprains, strains, and weekend warrior injuries to spinal repairs, joint replacements, and neurological injuries. 

  • No prescription necessary & walk-ins are welcome!
  • A pump propels warm water through 3 Patented Hydro-Jets, each spinning at nearly 200 revolutions per minute. 
  • A primary wave, then a lighter secondary wave combine to provide effective massage to all areas of the spine simultaneously.

no prescription needed for initial evaluation