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hands on direct care by a licensed physical therapist 

Open and educational conversations with the areas top physicians and business professionals

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  • No prescription necessary & walk-ins are welcome!
  • A pump propels warm water through 3 Patented Hydro-Jets, each spinning at nearly 200 revolutions per minute. 
  • A primary wave, then a lighter secondary wave combine to provide effective massage to all areas of the spine simultaneously.

Each patient receives a personalized recovery plan based on the injury and goals. The clinic treats a wide range of needs from sprains, strains, and weekend warrior injuries to spinal repairs, joint replacements, and neurological injuries. 

Hydrotherapy combines heat, flotation and massage to produce therapeutic & physiologic effects:


our mission

Trade Winds Physical Therapy, PLLC is a part of your community. We are centrally located to provide the best outpatient therapy services to our friends, neighbors and community. 

Ride a wave of relaxation on our new Hydromassage table!

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     Trade Winds is free of corporate quotas and productivity standards. This allows the clinic to provide each patient a comprehensive visit without time or reimbursement constraints.

Generally, patients are seen within 48 hours of the initial phone call.